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Silverio T. Go - founder


Our roots can be traced back to the year 2012, when Premier Diamond Developers & Management, Inc. was formally incorporated.

What started as a family business steadily grew to be a recognized newcomer in the local real estate industry, known for showing the big players that we too, can be a force to be reckoned with – a status achieved from a combination of the masterful business acumen developed and perfected by the first generation and infused with the fresh and revolutionary ideas of the next generation.


Today, as our latest project rises from the ground, we as an entity also look back at how our foundation was built, and direct our gazes upward to the dawn of a breaking day, as it welcomes a bright future abundant with opportunities and advancement.


Here at HM Tower, we will rise together.


We will provide our customers with innovative property solutions, foster camaraderie in the workplace by treating our employees as partners, and add value to the community through ethical business practices and social responsibility as we build towards a stable tomorrow.


To build and manage progressive property developments which contribute to the advancement of the community.

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